dk Active

dk Active

Over a period of two years I worked in-house for Brisbane based activewear company, dk Active (formally known as D+K). They were a unique business in that they designed, manufactured, stocked and marketed everything from under the one roof.

I helped owner and founder, Danielle, develop company creative practice from the ground up. We built a system for bringing new products to market and formalised a procedure for quarterly campaign cycles, as well as SOPs for day-to-day photography and videography. 

By the end of my time in-house I was managing most, if not all of our creative practices, including but not limited to, web media, e-commerce imagery, campaign imagery, print and digital catalogues and social content creation. 

I learnt a great deal during my time at dk Active and continued to work for them in a freelance capacity after I left the office. They have since rebranded, to take the company in a different direction but it is nonetheless satisfying to see their continued growth.

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