I can't stand those about me pages that've been made to sound as though they were written by someone else. Luckily I've never won any awards so I don't have to write in third-person. 

My love of photography stems from my love of old family photographs. I used to stare at them in brittle oak frames; pictures of relatives I didn't know. As a kid I wondered what was going through their minds at the time the shutter had gone off. I knew I would never know yet there they were, in front of me, preserved forever in a photograph. 

After graduating from a film degree in 2011 at Queensland's University of Technology, aside from time spent travelling, I have worked in and around the film and photography industries ever since. 

I have done everything from building television sets to photographing Christmas edition magazine covers. I've sold studio lighting equipment and helped produce Bollywood music videos. More recently I returned to shooting fashion in a fast-paced studio environment whilst also working to build my body-of-work in commercial video.

My passion has always been shooting portraiture and portfolios, I love meeting new people and always jump at the chance to take on a fresh challenge. 

If you would like to work with me please get in touch via the contact page!

Capture a time and a place; a feeling and a mood; preserve, forever, something that has never happened before and will never happen again...

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